My daughter Sunshine

  My daughter I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday. At that point of day I realized my life would never be the same. I was overwhelmed with joy, because I love kids and always want kids of my own.

As life goes forward I became not just her father but her dad. I changed diapers and clothes, made meals and tried the best I knew how to provide my daughter with a stable life.

She grew up so fast it was amazing from infant to toddler with ease and with these changes my life became brand new again. During this phase my greatest struggle was keeping up with the changes in my life and being a good father for her.

Sunshine is quite a friendly child, she is not afraid to be herself.

After playing for a while, she came up to me with a book and showed me.

Clearly wanting me to read it to her. Her intention was well understood. Without sufficient vocabulary, using only baby phrases, she still has no communication problem. After all communication is about understanding.

Now that I know her more, I continue to discover just how amazing she is. I refuse to find fault with this child, because to me, she is the ultimate example of what a child is.

My baby girl is precious to me and I love her with all my heart.

My mother, Judith

My mother is a symbol of truth and love that she shows to her family as well as others, and it has always inspired me to have those same qualities.

The way she cares for family and me, I am also inspired to reflect the same love on others.

Her love is not limited to close family, but she also treats strangers and even animals with kindness.

She is sensible and even considers the feelings of animals. This quality of her always inspired me to treat every living being with love and compassion.

Ever since I can remember, my mother has been a strong individual. She raised us emotionally, physically and spiritually, so we can be ready for the future financially.

She would encourage me by simply saying, “Complaining is a useless way to solve problems, but becoming active on the issue is a great way to conquer it”.

My mother’s heart is at its purest when giving.

Even though I still haven’t really expressed how I feel about my mother, I now have the pleasure to speak my mind. Since I still struggle to express my feelings to her, I decided to describe everything that I love about my loving mother in words.

    Every time I see my mother I have the benefit of taking in her beauty. My Mother’s light brown eyes are bright and lovely so that the richness of her mind and soul there shines.

    My mother is a GOD for me. She is the one for which I am able to see the beautiful universe around me.

My mother was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness. If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.

This is thinking who is a more significant angle in between Mother and God, it falls into the big conscience, in one’s life, my mother is the best and most important because no one can be as real as her.

She always try her best to make us happy. I love my mother very much.

I know we can never repay her for what she as done for us. I think she is the best,most amazing and caring mother to exist in this world.


I feel happy to be a part of this great family with good friends, helpful and loving parents and caring siblings.

I am good at sports. I am one of the best football player in my community. Besides this, I am a fast runner also and I love athletics. I can swim, not on expert.

The advice of my parents had a great impact and effect on my life. I believe to speak the truth and try my best not to lie. My parents always advised me that if I commit a mistake, I should admit it. I try my best to do so. I know how to remain happy in every condition. Because I believe that: “Happiness is not out there; it’s in you.”

I am a very adventurous person too and like to take the risk. I like to do a creative thing besides doing old stuff again and again. Learning new things is one thing which I always enjoy. I always update myself with the news.

Along with this, I enjoy reading a few children magazines and watching cartoons sometimes in which different motivational stories are there. They taught me a high moral lesson. I am a very confident person. I always try to speak to every person according to his requirement so I understand people.

My first blog


My Family and My Childhood

I’m from a middle-class family of Jamaica, I am Orlando Mcdowell. Nobody comes in this world, without the support of family and friends. Actually, whatever you will be, it is just because of your family. My father is a respectable businessman/salesman in our community.

My mother is a great mom. They both love what they do.That’s I have learned from my parents the value of time, honesty, hard work and commitment to the purpose.

We are five brothers and five sisters. Being the second eldest I am the most liable from my brothers and sisters. I want to guide and take care of my other siblings. We are a extended family, a really big one. Reading and hanging with my family is my passion.

I am a reader of novels and history books as I have a strong interest in Africa History and classical architecture. I love to read books that refer to the rich history and civilization of ancient Africa. At my primary school, I used to listen to stories from my grandmother, and this has a long-lasting effect on me.

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